The Wellesley Cotillion – Rules and Regulations

1.     If a Guest is under the age of 18, a parent/guardian must purchase the Cotillion Ticket online and the guest and her/his parent/guardian must confirm they have read and will abide by all Cotillion rules & regulations.

2.     If a Guest is 18 years of age or older, he/she must confirm they have read and will abide by all Cotillion rules & regulations.

3.     If a Wellesley student is bringing a guest who lives outside of town or who is younger/older than 11th/12th grade, the guest's parent/guardian must register them individually.

4.     All guests must REGISTER in advance through the Cotillion Website. 

5.     A Zero-Tolerance Policy is in effect at ALL Cotillion sites, including check-in sites, buses, and the Cotillion venue. Alcohol, drugs, smoking products, and vaporizers are NOT ALLOWED. Anyone found under the influence of or in the possession of any of these products will be detained and their parent/guardian will be called immediately to come and pick them up.

6.     The parent/guardian of any guest under the age of 18 must provide their cell phone number and be available on the evening of Cotillion in case the guest needs to be picked-up from the Cotillion for inelegant behavior or for being found in the possession of alcohol, drugs, smoking products, or vaping products.

7.     All Cotillion attendees must ride to and from the Cotillion on a chartered, motor coach bus provided by the Cotillion Committee. Buses are available from Wellesley High School and The Yawkey Club of Roxbury.

8.     Bags and Backpacks are NOT allowed at Cotillion, at the Metcalf Hall Ballroom, nor on buses. Evening bags will be searched at check-in.

9.     Once inside a Cotillion facility, attendees may be subject to bag searches, pat-downs of jackets, and random breathalyzer tests. 

10.  Inelegant behavior will not be tolerated. Guests should come prepared to behave in a manner befitting this formal evening.

11.  Cotillion Committee members reserve the right to send any guest home at any time and from any location.

12.  Refunds will not be issued.