13 Things You Need to Know

The Wellesley Cotillion is organized by a committee of parent volunteers with the goal of providing our sons and daughters and their guests with a formal winter dance.  Attendance at Cotillion is a rare privilege and the expectation is that cooperation with and respect of The Wellesley Cotillion Rules and Regulations will ensure a wonderful evening for all who attend. In addition to reading and agreeing to our Rules and Regulations when purchasing your ticket, Cotillion organizers recommend that parents/guardians of students attending this formal event also review the following Cotillion policies and procedures to set expectations for logistics and appropriate behavior on the evening of Cotillion. 

1. ALL communication and updates about the event will happen on the Wellesley Cotillion 2019 Facebook page

2. Everyone attending Cotillion must be dropped off at ONE of TWO locations: 

  • Wellesley High School (WHS) front doors on Saturday January 5, 2019 between 6:30-6:50pm. Parents ARE NOT allowed inside WHS. Police will be on site to help move traffic efficiently. Buses will start leaving the high school at 6:50pm.

  • The Yawkey Club of Roxbury, 115 Warren Street, Roxbury. Drop off between 7:00-7:15pm at the Peter Pan bus in the parking lot between The Yawkey Club & The Roxbury Municipal Court. Parents ARE NOT allowed on the bus. Guests will check-in with a Parent Chaperone as they board the bus. The bus will be on the road by 7:20pm.

3. There is a Zero Tolerance Policy for alcohol, drugs, smoking products or vaporizers. Anyone found under the influence of or in the possession of drugs, alcohol, smoking products or vaporizers will be detained and their parent/guardian will immediately be called to come and pick them up from whichever location they are at - Wellesley High School, the Yawkey Club of Boston, or the Metcalf Hall Ballroom, located on the 2nd floor of Boston University’s George Sherman Union building.

4. Everyone attending Cotillion must have REGISTERED & PAID in advance through the Cotillion Website. Anyone arriving at Wellesley High School, Yawkey Club or at the Metcalf Hall Ballroom without having registered and paid IN ADVANCE will be TURNED AWAY. Registration is NOT available on the evening of the event. Attendees do not need to bring a “Ticket” to WHS nor to The Yawkey Club of Roxbury. At WHS, you will check-in at the registration table at and receive an index card with your name pre-printed on it. This index card is proof of your registration and you will need it to board a bus. HANG ON to your pre-printed Index Card as you wind your way through the WHS Cafeteria and head for the waiting buses!  At The Yawkey Club, you will check-in with a Parent Coordinator as you board the bus. 

5. Everyone attending Cotillion MUST ride TO and FROM Cotillion on one of the chartered motor coach buses provided by the Cotillion Committee. Buses will depart from Wellesley High School and The Yawkey Club of Roxbury. After the event, one bus will transport guests to the Yawkey Club and all other buses will return to Wellesley High School. 

6. Bags and Backpacks will NOT BE allowed at Cotillion, at the Metcalf Hall Ballroom, nor on buses. Bags should be dropped at post-Cotillion destinations ahead of time. The exception to this is that small, evening-style bags will be allowed to be carried by our female guests. Evening bags will be searched at check-in.

7. Once inside WHS, Cotillion attendees will be subject to bag searches, pat-downs of jackets, and random breathalyzer tests. A reminder that there is a Zero-Tolerance-Policy for alcohol, drugs, and smoking products. 

8. WHS Buses are NOT Pre-Assigned. Buses will be boarded based on attendees’ arrival at WHS. A queue will form around the perimeter of the cafeteria that will allow for guests to do some limited organizing of groups, to use the bathrooms before boarding buses, and to hear information regarding transportation expectations from their bus chaperones. Each bus will hold approximately 50 Cotillion attendees.

9. Blank index cards & sharpie markers will be available at COAT CHECK. We encourage anyone with a tuxedo coat to write their name on an index card and slip it into their tuxedo pocket for ease of identification at the end of the evening. Female guests are encouraged to label their shoes, especially if they plan to take them off for dancing.

10. Black tie refers not only to dress code, but also to an appropriate code of conduct. Attendees should come prepared to model manners and behaviors befitting this formal evening, both on & off the dance floor. See the Dresses & Tuxes tab on this website for information on discounts from Jos. A. Bank Clothiers in Wellesley on Tuxedo rentals and for financial assistance for attire. The Cotillion Committee is committed to ensuring that financial constraints are never a barrier to participation at Cotillion. 

11. At Cotillion, drinks and snacks will be served. There will not be a full meal.

12. Buses will begin to depart the Metcalf Hall Ballroom at 10:30 pm. Attendees that will be picked up by parent/guardians should text their ride once their bus has left Boston to provide an estimated pick-up time – typically about 10 minutes later for The Yawkey Club and 30 minutes later for Wellesley High School. 

13. Pick-Up Information:

  • Wellesley High School: Parents/Guardians should wait in a parking spot in the WHS Parking Lot. Please do not park or wait ANYWHERE along the curb as this area will be enforced as a “live” pick-up-only zone. Guests will exit from the front door of WHS and cars may approach the pick-up zone only when the returning Cotillion guest is on the curb.

  • The Yawkey Club of Roxbury, 115 Warren Street, Roxbury: Parents/Guardians should wait in a parking spot along either side of the parking lot. Please keep the thruway clear for the bus.